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BARIŞ was established in Izmir, in 1979, for producing transformers using epoxies and silicate powder. The acquaintance with advanced materials and technologies of the time soon led to the first utilization of the Filament Winding Technology for composite part production in 1985. In the same year, BARIŞ was contracted to produce and deliver 15,000 M72 Launch Tube assemblies to MKEK and in 1987 BARIŞ was contracted by MKEK to produce also 760 Composite Heat Shield Jackets. Having concentrated on composites and considering the potential uses and impact of composites in the defense industry, BARIŞ, moved to Ankara in 1989 to better participate and co-operate in defense projects.

After adopting AQAP-4 in 1988 and acquiring the Industrial Plant Security Certificate for the current facility in 1990, BARIŞ joined the European STINGER Program. The production line qualifications were completed successfully in November 1990 and with her own knowledge build up and know-how, BARIŞ, successfully produced all the Launch Tubes and Gyro-activators for the STINGER Program as the sub-contractor of LFK (Germany).

In 1990, BARIŞ started exporting composite insulator tubes to MWB High Voltage System GmBh (now TRENCH GmBh). The production of composite insulator tubes still continues with increased types and quantities.

BARIŞ started her first R&D activities at the beginning of nineties. In 1992, MİSAG-39 project was launched to characterize the behavior of composite tubes under several types of loading. An extensive material database was established by this project and this database has been updated through several other R&D projects (supported by TÜBİTAK-TİDEB, R&D Department of the MoD, SSM) accomplished in the following years.

With her unprecedented success in the STINGER Program and increased capabilities, BARIŞ started the ERYX Program in 1998 and produced the Launch Tube Assembly, Firing Box Structure and the Left Hand Handle as the sub-contractor of Matra Missiles, France.

In 1995, the R&D Department of BARIŞ was established. AQAP-110 Quality Assurance System was also adopted soon. Since the establishment of the R&D Department, several R&D projects have been managed successfully; joint research activities have been performed with the universities and in 1996 the R&D Award of DTM has been granted to BARIŞ. As a result of these, twelve theses on composites have been completed and several publications have been made so far.

BARIŞ has participated in other European joint projects as well. BARIŞ represents Turkey for EUCLID CEPA 3 projects on “Advanced Materials” and has participated actively to RTP3.4, RTP3.15. and RTP3.24.

The R&D efforts have enabled BARIŞ to play the leading part whenever composites have been considered. BARIŞ has participated to TOROS by TÜBİTAK and has carried out joint R&D activities to develop the Grooved Composite Launch Tubes and the Composite Warheads.

Since 1992, BARIŞ has devoted much of her resources to the development of an extensive materials database and custom software enabling the analysis and design of composite tubes has also been developed.

In 2004, Barış produced and delivered Coolant Reservoir Assembly of Air-To-Air Stinger to Raytheon and became a qualified vendor of these composite high pressure vessels. This project was supported by SSM in R&D phase. Composite pressure vessels, which have a design burst pressure of 18,000 psig (1,240 bar) produced and delivered successfully.

In 2004, composite light weight hybrid helicopter armour system for attack helicopter has been developed by Barış. Besides this project, solutions for the threats up to 14.7mm API and 30mm FSP have been developed and successfully tested.

Within Europian RTP 3.24 project, in 2004, as well as ballistic threats, composite armour panels against blast effect is studied.

With the quality and configuration management systems established, superior R&D capabilities (BARCAD, MSC/NASTRAN, ANSYS, CATIA, LS-DYNA-3D) and her unprecedented production and test capabilities, BARIŞ is now a specialist on the development and production of cost-effective, but high quality composite components using Filament Winding, Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM), Open/Closed Moulding, Hot/Cold Compression Moulding, Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Moulding (VaRTM) and electro-mechanical assembly process.

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